After 3 years in college and not being able to conclude my architectural academics I focused on arts that allowed me to connect with my first passion. I refined several unique techniques including my marvelous and vibrant 3D-Decoupage Framed Reproductions that create an astonishing 3D effect on the art piece from photographs or prints; considering this technique my “expertise”.

Influenced by my academics, I created and produced my 3D Refaced Cabinet Doors, introducing a new trend in the market that integrates decoration, color and especially dimensional surface into my pieces.
While sketching the doors, I discovered a “loose” hand that continues to draw with pencils through my Paisley Designs composed by entangled secret names, shapes and designs with hidden messages.

And finally, in means to work on bigger surfaces, I leaped into the world of Hand Painted Murals, mainly concentrating on my second passion: children and nature themes which are processed with acrylic watercolor on flat eggshell surfaces.

Today, my spiritual journey has allowed me to discover myself through the silence that I experience while working my art in solitude; through this “discovery” I felt compelled of donating my love of art to Nonprofit institutions, Schools, Hospitals and Churches, reaching my greatest accomplishment yet:   Bringing happiness to people’s lives!


I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and lived my youth in California, USA.
During that time I became enthusiastic for the Mid-Century’s modern architecture, the city's spaciousness and the social urban development of my surroundings: 
"Nothing would beat a Sunday morning trip to Hollywood’s mountains with my Dad"….
I had fallen in love with color and design!